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5 Factors To Consider Before Buying a Handmade Leather Briefcase

March 09, 2020

handmade leather briefcase

Handmade Leather Briefcases

When you are shopping for women's or men’s handmade leather briefcases, you need to consider more than the superficial elements of the briefcase. Leather briefcases for men & women do not come cheap, and you need to make sure you make a careful selection before parting ways with your money, particularly if you are shopping for a high-end full-grain leather briefcase.

Women's & Men’s leather briefcases come in various sizes, designs, and shapes, and you need to be specific with what you want to do with your briefcase. A quality briefcase is not only stylish and fashionable but also has more utility and adds more functionalities in your daily activities. 

There are many types of leather briefcases, and each one is suited for a different purpose. If you are a lawyer, salesperson, or insurance agent, an attache case would be best suited for your work environment. For those who travel frequently, a rolling briefcase works handily. Soft-sided and hard-sided briefcases are ideal for people who need a versatile case. Metal briefcases are best suited for professionals in building, architectural, and construction industries. Each of these leather bags is specially designed and reinforced with quality hardware that withstands the daily wear and tear of all work environments.

Before buying any womens or mens handmade leather briefcase, you should consider the following factors.

1. The Color of a Handmade Leather Briefcase

Womens or Mens leather briefcases are mostly available in black and brown, which creates a professional look. Briefcases sporting tan and other lighter colors are mostly utilized by people who work in a more relaxed work environment, such as the entertainment industry. When going out to buy a briefcase or before clicking ‘buy now’ on an e-commerce website, make sure the briefcase color will mesh well with your work environment.

2. Check If the Leather Briefcase Is Laptop-Friendly

If you always carry your laptop with you, you should ensure that the briefcase compartments can hold your laptop safely without scratching it. You should also make sure that you can easily retrieve your laptop by opening one lock or one zipper.

3. Ensure the Briefcase Has Enough Compartments

If you carry many documents with you, you should ensure that your briefcase has adequate storage. If you are a lawyer with different clients, for example, you want to be able to arrange your files nicely in the briefcase so that it is easy to retrieve them when you need them. Some briefcases are also designed with outside compartments for even more storage.

4. Consider the Weight of Your Briefcase

Some women or mens leather briefcases may be reinforced with heavy hardware that adds to its weight. While this may be an advantage for security purposes, it may be impractical if you spend a lot of time carrying your briefcase.

5. The Cost of the Briefcase

Briefcases vary in cost depending on the quality and origin of the leather. Colombian, Italian, French, English, and American leather are considered to be the highest quality. Briefcases made from full-grain leather have superior quality and are the most expensive. Those made using top grain leather are also of high quality and are affordable. Split grain leather tends to be lower-quality, and briefcases made from this type are less costly.

When buying a womens or mens handmade leather briefcase, it is important to consider the above factors so that your briefcase will serve all your needs effectively. It is easy to tell genuine leather briefcases from fake leather briefcases. Original leather smells good and has a unique texture. Fake leather is shiny and glittering, and if you dig your fingers into the bag and scratch it, tear marks will be left on the surface.

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